New Graphics Tablet!

I recently upgraded my personal setup.  I bought Adobe CS 5.5 Design Standard and found a great deal on a graphics tablet.  I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a Wacom while I am in school (cost prohibitive), but I found a tablet with a big 10″ x 6.25″ drawing area for only $49 from  My first impression is, “Awesome!” and my second was, “Glad I didn’t pay for a Wacom!”  Definitely worth checking out.  Plus, I won’t feel so bad if it breaks someday, and I don’t mind carrying it in my backpack.

It might take a while to get used to not drawing on the screen.  My usual routine was manual pen and paper sketches and Photoshop rendering with a mouse.  If I was feeling particularly ambitious, I used to render on the 21″ Wacom Cintiqs that they had at UW-Stout.  After finding out Iowa State doesn’t have Cintiqs or any other tablets, I felt getting my own would be a good move.


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