Distractions. Distractions.

It’s been hard to update my blog as often as I hoped.  My knitted dress project blog has taken what little blogging drive I have and a good chunk of my time.  Luckily, that project is at least going well, in my opinion. Feel free to check it out here.

For now, I will just give a brief overview of what I am working on.

Creativity in Diverse Domains project

(known aliases: knitting project, dress project, time-consuming project, project that turned into seven projects)


I have completed (hopefully), the yarn spinning stage.  I went through 16 ounces of merino wool to make many skeins.  I probably should have kept a closer count on yardage, but I know it was a lot (the first two skeins were 130 yards and 152 yards, and that was only half the roving).

I have chosen a dress concept to knit, which brings my ideation and refinement stages to a close.

Now I am working on knitting the actual dress.  When that is finished it goes on the dying, final assembly, and blocking

Also, I am creating a short video of the process (I will post a link on here when it is finished).  I have done most of the videotaping, just lacking the processes I have not started yet, and some rough editing.

Coffee Project

(known aliases: barely started, group project with Emma Caster)

For a class called Survey of How Things Work, I have a group project with a friend of mine.  It is based on expanding the research Emma, my partner, did last semester on coffee brewing methods into a more physical understanding of the brewing process.  We hope to actually develop a new way to brew coffee by the end of the semester.  Early on, it was decided that our new method should not use electricity, but instead be more physical.  Some examples of products like this are the AeroPress®, the french press, and the Chemex®.

We are currently in the ideation phase and have a lot of work left.  Time permitting, we hope to make a working prototype.


(known alias: ugh)

I have an online job that I started nearly a month ago.  I am a consultant for Lionbridge doing search query result rating.  It seemed awesome when I signed up for it (10-20 hours per week, good pay for a college kid, can work anywhere… almost), but it has been more time-consuming than it seems.

Working doesn’t start when I  sit down with my computer and end when I get up.  I log my minutes working, but I have to meet their strict time per task requirements.  This translates to me working sometimes twice as long as what I can actually get paid for (when I get tasks that are hard to keep up with), and other times getting paid for my time working even though I am well ahead of their standards (when tasks are easier).  It just seems like keeping time is useless when it would be much easier to just keep track of tasks completed.

Regardless, it’s a job and it pays.  Just wish it wasn’t so much of a time suck.


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