Process Creative

I recently came across the work of Stephen Kenn who has some beautiful products. He is a designer based in L.A. creating bags and furniture.

His marketing involves working with Process Creative to make process videos of his product lines to be used on his website. I love how they can take something as simple as Kenn’s weekender bag, and turn it into a so much more with a compelling story. Though the story and the videography expertise of Process Creative, Kenn isn’t selling some bundle of waxed cotton-stitched leather– he is selling emotions.

Don’t live to get money. Have a few things, but make them good things. Take care of them, and know how they work.

The Encounter Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

Stephen Kenn : Inheritance Collection from Process Creative on Vimeo.

Here’s another Process Creative video for a different maker, Sean Woolsey.

Sean Woolsey – A Product Piece from Process Creative on Vimeo.


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