New Backdrop – Initial Tests

I recently decided I would splurge and buy a new photography backdrop. By “splurge” I mean I spent $15 on a 4×8′ sheet of plastic paneling, but compared to using a couple of pieces of foam core I had lying around– it was a splurge. With my wife and I living in a small apartment, I find I am always converting my living room into whatever kind of space I need that day (and hope I get it all put back together by the time The Mrs. returns).

I clamped the melamine panel to the backs of our bar stools, set up my flash to bounce off the ceiling from the right, and used a piece of foam core to add some fill on the left (yes, that used to be half of my old backdrop…). I think this will be a pretty versatile setup. I could do some smaller pieces of furniture like a chair as is and I can adjust for a bit more height at the expense of some floor depth if needed. I definitely could use at least one more flash, and maybe another set of transceivers, so I don’t have to use the timer when I want to be in the shot and can’t reach the shutter button on the camera or my external flash’s receiver). I mainly can’t wait to have a house with a space for a dedicated photography studio.

New Backdrop 3

Here are a few quick shots I took to test out my setup:


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