A furniture collection crafted by meshing man and machine.

Cold-rolled steel, brass, and wool felt come together to create a triad of furniture, the Pierce&Process Collection. Using a CNC plasma cutter, the steel seat and lampshade are perforated and then hand bent along curved lines. In this manner the metal behaves like paper in origami and transitions from a two-dimensional sheet to a rigid, three-dimensional form. The solid rod frames cradle the formed sheets before the brass hardware cinches the parts solidly in place. The finishes are contrasting gloss and matte powder coating, which showcase the materials and metalworking processes below. The pleated wool rug provides a complementary backdrop while being made from an environmentally friendly eco-felt. The collection is the first by designer and maker, Michael Kuiken, who would produce a limited run of each piece.

Click here to view my process book



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