Iron Ingenuity

Iron Ingenuity is a young company that creates custom metal home decor. The company has a small team, meaning that each member must be versatile. During my time as a summer intern, I helped with many aspects of design and fabrication. I interpreted design briefs for custom projects and designed proofs using the Adobe Creative Suite before migrating files to DesignEdge, the proprietary software for the in-house CNC plasma cutter. I also operated the plasma cutter, fabricated, and painted projects in the shop while monitoring material supplies and maintaining tools.

The following is a selection of projects I worked on:

You Are My Sunshine…

panel layout, typography selection, prototype fabrication and paint

Arizona Landscape

ideated layout from provided art, digitally painted scene, converted pixel to vector for water-jet cutting, assisted fabrication, painted panels, assisted assembly

Abstract Chevron

created design, cut initial set using CNC plasma cutter from rusted sheet, assisted installation

Sioux Center Police Department

digitally painted scene, converted pixels to vector files

Photo Credit: Veronica Postma, Iron Ingenuity

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